Petrolia Farmer’s Market opens to huge crowds

Sarnia-Lambton was buzzing with excitement this past weekend as I had the honour to attend the grand opening of Petrolia’s Farmer’s Market.  Following the model of other communities in Southern Ontario, building a Farmer’s market in Petrolia made sense for community leaders because we knew that it would attract visitors to our community, that  it would give farmers the chance to sell their products while also providing consumers a chance to “buy local”, and also bring in tourism crowds to the surrounding businesses.  On Saturday, June 5th, the vision became a reality as over 2000 visitors made their way into the Petrolia Farmer’s Market, making the idea a resounding success.  My congratulations go to John McCharles, Mayor of Petrolia and his team for bringing this vision forward, to the Minister of Industry for providing Federal funding to make the vision a reality, and to the community of Petrolia who have warmly invited visitors from all over to see what makes our community so special.